Tracy Feith for Target = Kitty Love

I kind of lost interest in Target’s GO International lines after the Rogan collection. That was the last great one in my eyes. Maybe it was because they sold it at Barney’s, which is where I got all of my pieces. Well to be fair, the McQueen collection was pretty rad too but the fact that I live in LA made it impossible for me to actually see it in person. You see, crazy LA peeps snatch up GO International stuff within hours of it’s release.

Today I was one of those crazy LA peeps. I got to Target around 10am this morning. It was a combination of being up early, dressed, and functional; and being curious about the Tracy Feith collection. I looked at the collection online before I left and thought the pieces were cute, but didn’t exactly blow me away. Boy was my mind changed when I walked into Target.

The first thing I noticed about the line was that it was made well. A lot of the time with Target’s GO International clothes, they look good but are made out of sandpaper. This one was different. The fabric has some substance, the zippers had some strong teeth … everything was just made well.

The second thing I noticed was the clothes were damn cute! Target’s site would really benefit from getting a new stylist and maybe even a new model because the clothes aren’t being shown to their full potential online. In person, my mind was blown. I tried pretty much every piece on, wanted to buy like 7 or 8 things, but forced myself to only buy 3 pieces (I am kicking myself now.)

I ended up getting the ‘8’ tee shirt, the barkcloth print skirt, and hooded pullover mini dress. I want to go back to get (although they are probably sold out already) the floral mini dress, embroidered top, and the canvas printed jacket. Thinking about it makes me want to make another trip to Target, but I will resist.

Kitty cats, did any of you check out the line? I would love to hear your thoughts. Oh and on an unrelated note … Could the Erickson Beamon jewelry at Target go on sale already?

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One thought on “Tracy Feith for Target = Kitty Love”

  1. I had to go check this out.
    I bought the white dress
    that has the zipper in
    the front and the little ruffles at the bottom. Haven’t worn
    it out yet . Not sure
    what I’m going to do
    with it but I do love it.
    Saw the floral bubble dress.
    Cute but not for me.
    Maybe for a 13 year with
    no hips or thighs? Cute anyway .

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