DIY Weekend: Upholstered Headboard

After years of searching for the perfect headboard; I decided to be a “DIY Diva” this weekend and built one myself.

All of the headboards that I have found online and fallen in love with have been way too expensive. For about $200 and what seemed like a million trips to Home Depot, I made my own. All it took was some creativity, a little craftiness, power tools, some help from Dad (okay lots of help from Dad), and about 6 hours. The end results were fantastic.

Supplies from Home Depot:

– Plywood
– Wood moulding
– Drill
– Jigsaw
– Nails and screws
– Wood glue
– Wood appliques
– Spray adhesive
– Tacks

DIY Weekend: Making an Upholstered Headboard

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Supplies from the fabric store:

– 4 yards of upholstery fabric
– Batting
– Buttons
– Braided trim
– Upholstery thread
– Doll needles

To create the headboard you need to get your plywood cut to size you want your headboard. You also need to cut your moudling to fit the perimeter of the headboard. Once your wood is all cut to the proper size — Place the wood moulding around the outside edges of the plywood but do not attach.

Next measure out where you want your buttons and drill holes into the plywood.

The next part is the fun part, painting! Spray paint the wood moulding and wood appliques with spray paint allow them to dry. While they are drying, go back to your plywood because its time to attach the batting.

The batting goes everywhere the wood moulding on the outside is not … Meaning, the inside where the upholstered part will be. Spray the plywood and batting with spray adhesive and attach.

Once the batting is attached you can take your headboard inside to add the fabric. Stretch the fabric across and tack it down with the tacks. Trim off the excess fabric. After the fabric is tacked down you can tack your trim to the wood moulding.

Once tacked, its time to hammer the moulding to the outside edges of the headboard.

You can stop there if you want because it will look pretty good or you can take it one step further by adding the buttons. Remember those hole we drilled? Shove the doll needle (they are really long, a regular needle won’t work) through the back of the headboard. Once the needle pops through the front, sew on your button. I tied the thread off in the back and secured it with a washer.

Finally, the last finishing touch was gluing on my wood appliques with wood glue. And there you have it a Kittyville upholstered headboard.

35 thoughts on “DIY Weekend: Upholstered Headboard”

  1. Wow, that’s impressive! It is a small step from here to making all of your own furniture 🙂

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