Dear Fashion Kitty, Shorts Help

Before I start- Do you prefer being addressed FashionKitty or Fashion Kitty? It’s lame but I always get confused- some say it one way, others another.

Anyhow… I am a student. I weigh about 115 pounds, at 5’3. I feel a bit heavier than I should be, even though I fit nicely into a size 2- so I prefer not to wear clothes that accentuate the legs. Problem is- it’s summer and I can’t cover ’em? What do you suggest? I dress fairly preppy, I don’t think I have worn jeans more than 5 times this year. Skirts, dresses and shorts in the summer. I’m really into color, so I’d love to see any ideas that you might have 🙂 Should I avoid the problem altogether and just cover them with summer dresses?

Also, in your personal opinion, what is the best diet? I have tried very many, but I need it to take on drastic measures.

Question #1- FashionKitty or Fashion Kitty … Doesn’t matter to me. I will answer to either. Sorry, I am sure that answer wasn’t very helpful.

Question #2- Leg phobia! I totally know how you feel. I HATED showing my legs for years and years. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles then I started showing them, basically because I had to. I started off wearing shorts (the thing I feared the most) and soon after became obsessed. The secret to wearing shorts when you are less than confident about your legs to get a pair with a wider leg because they end up making your legs look thinner. Also don’t go too short — that’s just trashy.

Skirts and dresses are also a great choice. Make sure they aren’t too long though, or else you will just end up making yourself look short and stumpy. A skirt or dress that hits just above the knee is best and make sure you wear heels!! Heels are key.

So the moral of this answer is, don’t cover up your legs. Show them off and build up your confidence, you will start feeling better about your legs in no time.

Question #3- The best diet. This is a tough one! I have literally done them all, but right now I am trying to focus on being balanced. With any diet that isn’t completely natural for you, you will end up going off of it and rebeling.

I focus on whole grains, protein (egg whites, turkey, tofu), I try to go light on the dairy (low fat cheese, almond milk), and eat as many fruits and veggies as I can. I have a sweet tooth that is out of control, so I give myself something sweet when I want it. I have found that I can keep myself away from sweets for months and months but once I break down … It’s ugly. Then I want sweets like 24/7. What I am trying to say is, let yourself cheat (within reason) and don’t beat yourself up about it.

You also have to make sure you exercise. It makes you look good and feel good. Make sure the type of exercise you choose makes you happy (or else you won’t stick with it.) Right now I am heading back into S Factor instead of being a slave to the gym. Its such a fun way to work out and makes me feel and look good.

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  1. um with a size 2 you dont need a diet you are already skinny. Try being size 20 and see have fat you feel.

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