Dear Fashion Kitty, Wedding Ensemble Help

Anthropologie- Behind-The-Clouds Yellow Dress

I am wearing this dress to a summer wedding. The ceremony is at sunset, it is an outdoors, rustic setting with dinner and dancing to follow.

I went sort of casual/demure for the occasion because a lot of family will be there but since I usually wear things that are a little more sophisticated, I am not sure how to pair accessories with this one. I am thinking no necklace, big earrings and some hot (but semi-sturdy) shoes.

My style tends to be classic with a sexy edge, and a few pairs of shoes I have considered are:

1.) XOXO Linked Gladiator Sandal in tan

2.) Madden Girl Lustrous Platform Gladiator in bronze

3.) M by Marinelli Riangle Beaded T-Strap Sandal in brown

Its great that you have some ideas brewing! First of all, I love the dress. I think it’s really sweet and the yellow is awesome. But you are right, this dress can be tricky to dress up for a wedding, but certainly not impossible.

Lets start from the bottom up, shall we? My first thought is to immediately throw out option #2 for those shoes, they are a little too chunky and casual. Shoe option #1 and #3 seems like your best bet. If I were you I would do with shoe #3 because it gives you more direction as far as accessories go — that pair of shoes has the more rustic feel too it.

So with the shoes all picked out, lets move on to accessories. I am thinking stunning earrings and a lovely bag will do just fine. Here is a look with similar pieces for inspiration.

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