Dear Fashion Kitty, Tunic Help

I recently went to Forever 21 and I bought this really cute tunic. I need some advice on what goes well with this top; accessories and all (oh but I do have shoes.) I’m a plus sized art student and I would say my style is “flashy trendy”…if that is a style haha = D

“Flashy trendy” .. I like that! Now let’s get you dressed.

Since there is so much going on near the top of this tunic, you need to be careful when it comes to the jewelry. A necklace would be overkill and statement earrings would be way much too. I would go with an armful of chunky bangles on one arm and a fun cocktail ring on the opposite hand.

For the bottom, go with a pair of flattering jeans. Wearing leggings with this tunic wouldn’t be flattering and would make it look lazy. Not sure you what the shoes you picked look like, but make sure they are high for the maximum slimming effect.

Anyways, enough of me rambling … Here is a look for you. Oh and I didn’t over flash it, since the tunic seems to have some flash going on already.

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