Dear Fashion Kitty, Summer Sandals

I need some summertime advice. Being a ballet dancer has given me some gnarly toes but I would love some sandal options to wear with my maxi and mini dress as well as skinny jeans. I am looking for something flat and my style is a little Gossip Girl- Latina style.

Any suggestions?

#1- slap some polish on those toes and you will be fine
#2- I have no idea what a Gossip- Girl Latina style is
#3- Yes, of course I have some suggestions for you 🙂

These are my favorite picks for flat sandals that all match a variety of outfits.

Fashion Kitty's Favorite Sandals for Summer 09

For skinny jeans: I love to pair gladiator sandals with them, just make sure the shoes don’t go up too high on the ankle.

For mini dresses: Something with an ankle strap will totally work here because you will be showing so much leg.

For maxi dresses: I like something with no ankle strap and thong sandals. Another thing to look for is something with detail by the toe because chances are that is all you will be showing due to the length of your dress.

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