Dear Fashion Kitty, Serena’s Style For Summer

My fashion icon is Serena van der Woodsen. I love all of her outfits and would give anything to have her wardrobe. The only problem is the summer is here and I live in Texas where the weather is scorching hot 24/7.

When I look at her outfits most of them have jackets and boots, which I can’t wear now. How can I get her style and still be comfortable, casual, and weather appropriate?

I usually don’t turn around fashion questions this fast but I was so inspired while I was playing on this new site called Looklet that I just discovered (via vonilicious) that I couldn’t help myself.

Anyways, you’re right — most of the looks on Gossip Girl are all fall/winter looks. Being in a hot state, its hard to rock the looks while still being comfortable. I mean, who really wants to wear tights in 90 degrees weather? Lucky for you, Serena’s look is an easy one to flip over to summer … mainly because Serena tends to dress on the skimpy side.

I created an outfit for you that is inspired by Serena’s bohemian look. The only thing you need to do is take some Serena staples; loose fitting tank, mini skirt, and oversized bags and pair them with remixed versions of her fall/winter staples. I swapped out the standard Serena leather jacket for a cropped vest and the boots for a bootie. And there you have it … Summertime Serena!

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