Dear Fashion Kitty, Semi-Formal Accessories

I have this semi-formal coming up, and I got this really cute dress. Its black with thick-ish tank top and at my waist it starts this vintage looking cream lace with a black underlay. It comes to a few inches above my knees.

I really don’t know how to accessorize with it, because the dance is in June. I was thinking about a leather jacket, but I might get hot. Or, I thought about colored jewelry, but I don’t want it to look weird with the black and lace. My style is rock-ish and girly grunge, so I wear ripped jeans, plaid, and converse a lot. :]

You are right, a leather jacket isn’t going to look right in June but I do like where you are going with the look. Even though I don’t have a photo of the dress, I think I can picture it pretty well. Based on my imagination, here are some ideas for your look …

Instead of a leather jacket … Try a cropped cardigan, a shrug, a vest, or a short sleeved leather jacket.

For the shoes … I am picturing some gladiator heels or something else strappy, high, and dramatic.

When it comes to jewelry … If you are going to wear a jacket, I would go with drama-earrings and a cuff.

As for the bag … A nice envelope clutch should do the trick just fine.

Based on all of that, here is an outfit for you:

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