Dear Fashion Kitty, “New in Town” Shoes

I just watched the movie “New in Town” and I loved the shoes Renee is wearing in the end. They are black pumps with a white line around the top and about an 4inch heel? Well, I have been online looking for the shoes for the past 3 hours and have not been able to find out who made them. Can you could help e find my shoes?

Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather High Heels

Without a picture, its going to be pretty tough! But I did find a pair of shoes by Dolce and Gabbana that look like the shoes you described. Hope these are the shoes!

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  1. Not these ones.

    The white part was thicker and they had a metal part on the sole of the forefoot. Slight platform with about 4.5-5" heel.

    I cannot find them either!

  2. That is them!!! I've been looking everywhere for them. Does anyone know who makes them or where they can be purchased??? HELP PLEASE–I MUST have them. Thanks

  3. No luck here I'm afraid….

    Does Lauren review these comments on old questions?

    Maybe asking again with the picture this time will help?

    I thought they might be 'peeptoe' but I didn't see them on the website. They had a competition that conicided with the release of the movie so it was a long shot…

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