Dear Fashion Kitty, How to Wear a Maxi Dress

I bought this amazing studded maxi dress from Macy’s however when I went to wear it out I felt as if it looked like a prom dress. I’m 5’10 so its a great length on me. How can I make it look more rock and roll and less high school prom?

It can be done! I am wearing a maxi dress today and prom is the last place I am going 😉 I went with a more bohemian twist (with a bit of rock and roll) because of the beading. With the studs, a rocker look will work out well. Here is what I had in mind …

First of all, you should probably throw on some flat sandals. The shoes the model has in this photos makes the dress scream prom city. I think some flat gladiators would really toughen up this look. Next you need a jacket or a vest. The cut of the dress (at the top) is too delicate for everyday wear so we need to hide it a bit. Then of course you will need some tough accessories and a smoky eye. Those little tweaks should do the trick.

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