Dear Fashion Kitty, Help My Belt Stay Up

I love wearing skinny belts over cardigans or adding a big braided belt to a dress that can be cinched in up top. But whats the secret to getting the belt to stay put?! I see the look everywhere so I get it that’s it cute and I’ve tried it but if there aren’t loops in the shirt, dress or sweater, do you just keep adjusting it? I hope there’s a secret that I’m going to be told because I WANT this look to work!

I definitely love this look and rock it myself but I can honestly say I have never run into this problem. Perhaps you aren’t wearing belts that are meant to be worn around the waist, because if that’s the case … I can see where some slippage could occur.

I would take your belts to a tailor/ leather expert and get an extra hole punched in them. That way you can belt it tight enough to stay up. I belt mine so tight that there isn’t one chance it will slip down. Or you can get the look with a fabric belt or a long scarf that you can tie into place.

I wish I had something more productive to tell you! Kittens, if you do … You know what to do.

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