Dear Fashion Kitty, Hannah Montana Movie Clothes

I love all the clothes that Miley Cyrus wears in her new movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie, when she is Miley, not Hannah. She has tons of cute shirts and skirts, and I love her casual fashion. Do you know of any of the places where they got her clothes for the movie, or could you possibly find them for me? It would be amazing if you could!
Alright chicky, a lot of these clothes (not all pictured in this post) are basic pieces so I am going to give you a bit of advice to help you shop.

Step 1: Print your photos and stick them in your purse. This will help you put together looks while you are shop.

Step 2: Make a list! Write out all of the clothes that you see on Miley that you like on a sheet of paper.

Step 3: Take your list to your closet first. You might be surprised by the number of pieces that you already have in your closet, or at least similiar pieces.

Step 4: Take the list shopping. You can find these pieces just about anywhere! Try departments stores, thirft stores, and even places like Target. I can almost bet you that you will find everything you need a Target alone.

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Hannah Montana Movie Clothes”

  1. Thank you so much! I found your website a few weeks ago, and everything you have given advice about has been amazing.
    One more quick question, do you know where that skirt or her boots are from in those pictures?
    Thank you 🙂

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