Dear Fashion Kitty, Graduation Outfit

I am graduating from 8th grade in June and I just got my graduation dress, but I’m not really sure what to wear with it. I’m 5’6”, about 115 pounds and I love heels, headbands and jewelry in general, so I’m pretty much up for any style or anything!

Um, when you are finished with that dress can you pass it over your dear friend FashionKitty? Joking, of course but seriously … CUTE!!!! An outfit immediately popped into my head as soon as I saw the dress. So you like HAVE to wear red shoes with this, its going to add a burst of fashion magic to it. Then I would do a big bow in your hair (like Blair Waldorf.) From there add a fun choker, a ring, and an irresistible bag. Pretty much go wild with it because even though the dress has a print, its the kind of print that begs to be accessorized in a wild way.

Also, congrats on your graduation!

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