Dear Fashion Kitty, Fall Wedding Attire

I’m attending a wedding in the fall around Thanksgiving and I don’t know what to wear. Most dresses I see are for the summer. I know I have time to shop for the dress but I’m trying to avoid getting one at the last minute and I know I’m gonna probably have to shell out some money for that perfect dress. Please help me. I have no idea what to wear.

Well to find you a dress I would need some more information from you, like … Is it an evening or day wedding. What is your style, etc? Since I don’t have that info I am going to give you some style pointers for what’s “in” for dresses next fall. Hopefully that will help. I also suggest that you wait until a little closer to the wedding date to buy the dress. The selection is going to better and the chances of you hating the dress by the time you have to put it on is slimmer.

Trends to look out for while shopping for a fall dress …

– Jewel tones: These colors are going to be way stylish in the fall. I am the loving the purples the best.

– Metallics: Don’t go too crazy with metallics (you aren’t going to as disco) but having some metallic accents on your dress will look really stylish. If wearing them on the dress still seems too much, go for a fun clutch.

– Origami style dresses: Dresses with cool folds are such are going to be hot this fall. We have been seeing some out now but they are going to be even bigger in the fall.

– One shoulder dresses: Just make sure the one shoulder is wide and you should be alright for a wedding.

Kittens, if you have ideas … You know what to do.

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