Dear Fashion Kitty, Drew Barrymore’s Veil

Do you know where I can find this particular veil? If not, do you know where I can find a quality birdcage veil just like it?

To get Drew’s look I would actually suggest heading to a higher end fabric store, like G Street or Mood. You can get a good quality piece of netting for less than $10 a yard (this one is only $8 a yard) and you won’t even have to use the full yard. Once you have the fabric you can play around with how you want it to sit on your head/face and cut it to the appropriate shape. The second part of the project is getting a nice looking brooch or applique (which can also be found at the fabric store.) Simply attach it to the netting with a fabric glue, pin, or needle and thread. Once you complete your work of art, getting some bobby pins and attach it to your head.

If you aren’t crafty, you can say ‘screw it’ and head over to Forever 21. This one, which is sold at F21 is only $16.

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