Dear Fashion Kitty, Dress Me Around These Shoes

Love your site. Wondering if you could help put together an outfit for theses great shoes I bought in Paris. Would love to be able dress them down a bit but haven’t found the right balance.

Dressing these down is going to be a tough one. With the fabrication and the height of the heel, they just won’t work with jeans at all. These look to me like evening shoe only material. I know it sucks but it happens. I have these awesome black shoes with a mink pom-pom on them that I desperately wanted to dress down, but they just wouldn’t let me. So when we can’t go down, we have to go up! But I will do my best to make it the downest up possible 😉

I would pair your shoes from Paris with a cream pencil skirt, a sheer black blouse, and very luxurious accessories.

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