Dear Fashion Kitty, Cowboy Boots

I have been debating for a while about getting cowboy boots; maybe white or camel. What do you think about cowboy boots – Do you think they are worth getting? If so, could you suggest a few under $100, and maybe a something to wear them with?

You should definitely get some cowboy boots! I went through the same dilemma about 5 years ago when I saw a really cool pair at a vintage store. They were $75 and after thinking it over for a good 30 minutes, I bought them. Since buying them I have gotten so much use out of them. I rarely wear them with jeans (I am sure it would look cute but that look just isn’t me) but I do wear them with shorts and dresses all the time.

I would suggest finding some authentic ones or something vintage, they look so much better. However I did find some for you online that are under $100.

And here is a look that incorporates a pair of boots that I love but will work with any pair that you end up buying:

One thought on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Cowboy Boots”

  1. Hello Lauren…I asked this question back in May…and wanted to see if one of the boots were still available…but the images of the boots aren’t coming up…there were the Steve Madden ones…can I get a name on them?

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