Dear Fashion Kitty, Colorful Bag Help

My sister is in dire need of a new handbag. I finally convinced her to buy a new one, yet she insists on spending no more than $300. You see the dilemma. She was hoping for leather, colorful and yet still versatile. Is that even POSSIBLE??? If you are able to
find a magic bag as such- what can she wear with it to show it off?

Thanks for your help- your website is literally our fashion bible. 🙂

That is a tall order. I mean, the under $300 and leather I can do. Heck, colorful I can do but versatile? Yikes.

So here is the deal … Your sister has to get a hands on a bag that she loves. If you love it, it automatically has versatility. I haven’t changed bags since my Gucci and I highly doubt it goes with everything BUT the fact that I love it … Makes it super-versatile.

That being said, here are MY favorite colorful, leather bags, under $300. Hopefully your sister likes at least one of them. Oh and I threw in a white one too because its so adorable.

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