Dear Fashion Kitty, Chanel Inspired Prom Look

I have no idea about what to wear for prom. I have to cover all parts of my body, except for my face and my hands, since a just had been attacked by the very evil virus of CHICKEN POX! I am in desperate need of help here!!! Also, I can’t wear leggings nor stockings since my legs are still suffering from the pain.

Just for a hint, I adore Chanel, especially the latest spring/summer collection both the haute couture and ready to wear collection.

CHICKEN POX!! Holy crap, that sucks. I got chicken pox when I was like 4 and I swear I can still remember the pain. Ugh … Anyways, I am sure we can do something to cover you up. Lets look at some Chanel for inspiration.

This Chanel runway look looks like something you can build off of. You will be completely covered and you will be oh-so Chanel at the prom.

Alright … I’ve been inspired. Here is a Chanel worthy- chicken pox covering- prom ensemble.

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