Dear Fashion Kitty, Build Me Some Outfits

I just bought these new items (at last, new clothes! the feeling is so so good.) But don’t know how to pair them. Can you build me some hot (rock/preppy/spring chic) outfits, girl?

Sure can!! Hope you like them.

To with your new ruffle blouse …

For your navy blue skirt with gold buttons …

And finally for your blue dress …

0 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Build Me Some Outfits”

  1. Help me Kitty!! I love the blue gingham strapless dress one of your reader’s posted on May 13th. I have to know who the designers is. Meow!

  2. OK! i LOVE the styling for the skirt! but further more for that ruffle blouse! I have one just like it and I loathe it because i can’t make it funky…but now I can! Thanks for a super fun idea!

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