Dear Fashion Kitty, Accessorizing a School Uniform

I go to an all girls private high school. Most people would think that at an all girls school there’s no need to look pretty everyday. Well, being the richest school where I live, all the girls wear makeup and accessorize, of course! I mean I love accessories and all but I don’t wanna take it over the top. And we arent allowed to wear anything but sneakers or flats, sometimes i wear my Tory Burch flats that are black, but sometimes I just get tierd of wearing them everyday. I feel so plain, please help !

PS- Your site is amazing and I read it every day !!

Yay! Thanks for reading on a daily basis. Much appreciated. You don’t have to over accessorize to look less than plain. Just add some brightly colored flats, a fun bag, and maybe one piece of exciting jewelry and you will be all set. I put together two outfits for you to try out. I hope you like them.

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