In a recent post, someone had said something about liking Miley’s style in the upcoming Hannah Montana movie. I’m pretty sure there was a picture of acid wash jeans, and I absolutely fell in love with them. I was wondering where I could buy a pair (for under 100$), and preferably at a store available in Canada, as I am not a fan of online shopping.

Also, I wanted to know what tops/shoes (not heels) to pair them with? I’m short, only about 5’3”, and have a bit of extra meat around the stomach area that would be great to hide.

Well, unfortunately I know nothing about Canada but here are some acid wash jeans for under $100 for you … Hopefully at least one pair is available in Canada. OR you can go crazy with an old pair of jeans and a spray bottle full of bleach, which could actually be pretty fun.

Here are my picks that are under $100

Acid Wash Jeans Under $100

And here is a look for you. I went simple with the top (which is also floaty to hide stomach flaws) that way the jeans can do all the talking. Then punched it up with some sexy booties and hot pink accessories.

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