Dear Fashion Kitty, Wedding Outfits

I am attending an island destination wedding in April and have found two dresses, but I’m unsure of what type of shoes to wear and how to accessorize them. Let me tell you that I am 5’2″, 115 lbs, with a pretty busty chest and I usually wear flats. I hate walking around with my feet hurting! The first dress is for the all white welcome party:

The second dress is for the actual wedding. Now imagine this dress without the smaller strap. I’m having it removed to make it a one-shoulder dress.

Unfortunately, both dresses are similar in style (the whole Grecian/goddess theme) but I had such a hard time finding a white dress!

So what do you think? What type of shoes and accessories should I wear with both of these dresses?

Great choices for the dresses! I really like them both. Lets start with the white dress. I would definitely play up the whole Grecian goddess bit with some really unique flat sandals and dramatic accessories.

The dress for the actual wedding will look great with some colorful jeweled flats. I think the shoes alone will totally change the look of the dress. That way you won’t over goddess it;)

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