Dear Fashion Kitty, Rockabilly Style

I want to go for a rockabilly-glam look but I want it to be easy to wear to school (I am in college) and in my everyday life. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

Rockabilly is a totally fun look, not a look that I really wear but it is fun and hot. I would definitely check out some recommendations on ThisNext for some places to get clothes, there are tons of rockabilly pros on there. I definitely checked there for inspiration for your outfit.

Here is a look that I think you wear in your everyday college life.

Some other things to think about while shopping for your rockabilly-glam look are:

– Cherry prints
– Leopard prints
– Tattoo inspired prints (NOT Ed Hardy)
– Pencil skirts
– 1950’s cuts
– Corseted tops
– Skulls
– Tiny barrettes
– Flowers pinned in your hair
– Red lipstick
– Short bangs/ black hair
– Polka dots

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