Dear Fashion Kitty, White Party

I am an avid reader, and love what you’ve done with your wonderful sense of fashion! I would prefer to just read the wonderful advice you give to other women and sometimes men (lol), but my own crisis has arisen!

I’m going to an all white event at a club, and I want something to stand out. I’m struck out of ideas, so I’ve decided to come to a well rounded person in all styles. I want to stick out but not be too slutty 😉 while still being fashionable. Please help!

I am rocking a white dress right now!! Of course, I am rocking white in my favorite way … with black tights and black accessories. However, since your event is ALL white, that won’t work. So let me see what I can do for you.

Here is one look incorporating gold:

And here are some other white dresses that I like:

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