Dear Fashion Kitty, Working GIrl

I just graduated college about 2 months ago and I’ve managed to enter the working world. I’m working in Finance and end up wearing the same black slacks and button down shirt everyday. I feel like on most days I blend in with the men. What are some sexy, work appropriate clothes for a 20-year old female (who doesn’t have a lot of cash to spend)? And what are some casual options (jeans and ?) to wear on a Friday? I’m a petite girl: Size 1 or 2 in pants, and Small in tops who’s 5’2″.

Congrats for getting into the working world during this shitty economy! But we have got to get your out of those boring clothes. You can definitely wear slacks and button downs but make them stylish for goodness sake. Let me put together a few outfits for you to show you the light …

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