Dear Fashion Kitty, Whitley Kros Jeans

I came across your ThisNext post when I was Googling Whitley Kros’s “Fed Up” jeans. I’m planning on buying them online but as I’ve never owned or tried on anything of theirs before, I have no idea how the sizing runs. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how the jeans fit, and whether I should order up/down/etc. If you could compare the size of the jeans to the size you wear in other brands (J Brand, Citizens, Sevens), that would be so helpful.

I love my Whitley Kros jeans! I actually bought them a size up and I probably shouldn’t have. They definitely need a belt when you go a size up and the don’t fit how they look in the photo. BUT I still love my pants.

Whitley Kros - Trend: Fed Up Denim

Order your normal size. Don’t order your “favorite” size. You know the size, the vanity sized pants sizes (like Joe’s Jeans.)

Another something to note is that these aren’t stretch jeans, they are 100% cotton, so there is no wiggle room if you get them too small. ALSO you don’t want them too tight or else the strings will rip faster (because they will rip.)

Hope that was helpful! Enjoy your jeans.

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