Dear Fashion Kitty, White Dress Help!

I was wondering if its still alright to wear leggings with denim skirts or dresses or even with long shirts?

My second question is I bought a Calvin Klein dress (at Marshalls for very cheap) and was wondering how I should wear it. I don’t think its appropriate for school or like the beach. It’s the same dress as the one the main girl from Step Up 2 was wearing at her friend’s bbq.

Question #1 is easy … Leggings with denim skirts is a no-no in FashionKitty’s book of style. Don’t do it. Ever. Leggings with mini dresses is alright but only do it when absolutely necessary (like the dress is so short its bordering being a top.) Leggings with long shirts/ tunics is totally fine — I rock that look all the time.

On to your second question, your new dress (which is totally cute) is actually a lot more versatile than you think. You can totally wear this dress to school with the right spin. Here are a few looks for ya , enjoy!

For school: Add a denim jacket to instantly give this dress a more school appropriate day look. Add some fun bracelets, flats, and colorful bag to pull it all together.

And I think this outfit is cute for a BBQ or a 4th of July party …

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