Dear Fashion Kitty, Welcome Home Outfit

My husband is currently deployed and will be coming back next month. The day they get back there is a welcome home ceremony where all the soldiers and their friends and family reunite. I want to look nice, but not too nice as most of the spouses usually wear jeans. It should be warmer, so shorts and skirts are definite possibilities. I want to look nice because it’s a special day and I’m excited for him to be back (of course!), but I don’t want to feel overdressed.

Also, we could be waiting for hours and I’ll be chasing around our 1-year-old son, so I think heels wouldn’t work. I don’t usually wear things that are bold (colors, prints, jewelry, etc.). I wear a lot of cardigans, although I’m hoping the weather will be warmer by next month. I guess I lean more towards preppy or girly, but not too girly. If that makes any sense. If it helps any, I saw the attached top and was considering wearing it.

I love the top you picked out, I think it will be great. I can definitely put together a nice (but not too nice) and comfortable outfit for you.

I would pair this top with some cropped black pants … NOT capri pants but some nice fitting black cropped pants that come in right below the knee. Those will be fashion forward, flattering, and should make your butt look cute. For shoes, go with ballet flats but ones that have a ankle strap. To me an ankle strap sexes up a shoe instantly. Since the outfit is basic, glam it up with accessories. Some cute chandelier earrings and snake print bag will do the trick.

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  1. This is great! Thank you so much. I think this will be the perfect outfit, and thanks for picking something to make my butt look good 🙂

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