Dear Fashion Kitty, Style My Dresses

I bought these two lovely dresses but I haven’t worn them so far. I’ll be happy to wear them one day. I just cant make the right configurations with those clothes 🙁 I’m a college student so I would prefer a comfortable look in those dresses. Would you please give me some tips??

Those dresses are really cute, especially the gingham ones! Shame you aren’t wearing them but hopefully I can change that.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these dresses was cowboy boots, seriously! A pair of low cowboy boots would look awesome with both of these. They are comfortable and casual too. I have a brown pair that I wear with dresses all the time in the spring/summer. Another something that came to mind (especially with the long sleeved dress) is some fringe. Add some fringe with the bag or even a little vest. OR even a low slung wide brown leather belt would look hot on these too!! Basically, I think a little “boho” (I hate that word) infusion will work wonders on these dresses.

Here are some outfits to get you started …

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