Dear Fashion Kitty, Purple Suede Boots

I purchased a very comfortable pair of purple suede boots from Kenneth Cole back in January. I love the color but I never really ever where purple so I have yet to wear these shoes. I am so sad I haven’t worn them yet!!! I finally found a boot large enough at the shaft for me to wear with jeans tucked in but I still haven’t worn them! They were a great find only $40.00 on sale!!! Can you believe it! But, I have no idea what to wear with them. I figure I am probably going to have to wait till fall to wear them now that spring is here.

Can you please let me know how you would wear these boots? What would you suggest?

You actually don’t have to kill it with purple to rock purple boots. You can wear jeans and neutrals on top and accent with the boots and possibly a few other purple accessories.

For this look I took a basic pair of skinny jeans, a gray secretary blouse, and a fun vest with some sparkle. You can add any kind of vest to suit your taste, just make sure the color is semi-neutral. Then I added in the boots and a purple bag to help tie in the purple a little better. Add your favorite piece of jewelry and you are good to go.

You can also wear the boots with a dress too. I paired up some purple suede boots with a red peasant dress because I love purple and red together. Add a slouchy bag and your look is complete.

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