Dear Fashion Kitty, Outfit for Coffee with the Ex

I have a casual get-together with an ex-boyfriend who I haven’t seen in a long time. I don’t know what to wear!! Above all I want something that says, “I’m doing great and looking great…look what you’re missing!”, you know? It’s just to coffee but I was thinking a cute dress? What do you think?

As girl that just got fucked over by a man just the other day … I couldn’t be happier to help you with this question! Looking good is some of the best revenge.

You can totally wear a dress. Since its spring (feels like summer in LA right now), you won’t look too dressed up. I live in dresses during the spring/summer months. Throw on a little cardigan to make it a little more casual and you will be all set. Make sure the makeup is minimal (so you don’t look too done up) and the hair is in check.

Here is my make him jealous look. Have a great time at coffee and don’t forget to talk about great you are doing!

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