Dear Fashion Kitty, Neon Dance

My school is having an upcoming dance and the theme is techno and casual. So i know I should be wearing bright colors like yellow, neon green, pinks and blues. But I don’t know what articles of clothing to really wear.

Sounds like your school is hosting a rave! LOL. I won’t break out the old rave attire on you but there is a way to wear neon clothing, which is pretty on trend, in a stylish way.

Since it’s a dance, I would wear a dress. If you are totally opposed to a dress I would wear some acid wash skinny jeans and a neon color tunic (hot pink would be awesome), with some bright accessories.

Here are two outfits, one is if money is no option (or you can print this off and shop for lower budget options) and the other look is less expensive and a bit simpler, so you can easily swap out pieces within your budget.

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