Dear Fashion Kitty, Navy Blue Ruffle Dress

I love reading your blog! I bought this cute navy dress online from Forever 21 to wear to church. I was thinking nude suede heels would like nice but I have no idea what to do with my hair and jewelry…there are so many ruffles on the top I feel like it’s almost overwhelming. What would you suggest?…I’d like to look classy and elegant!

Great find and good call on the nude shoes. Here is what I would do … Wear your hair up, something loose and not too “done up.” Having your hair up with allow you to show off your face more. It would be too overwhelming with the hair down and the ruffles … not a good look.

Even though your face and ears are out for the world to see doesn’t mean you need to pile on the accessories. A simple pair of pearl studs will do the trick. You can go a little more dramatic with a cuff or a bracelet since they are so far away from the ruffles.

Like I said before, nude shoes will be great. Keep the heel pretty conservative (you are going to church) if you can. I am not usually one to match the bag and the shoes but I think in this case it works.

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