Dear Fashion Kitty, Louboutin Ads

Love your site and follow you on Twitter too! I saw on your site that you linked to louboutinbox, and I was just confirming that it was a legit business? Do you happen to know if they are selling knock offs or the real thing? I’ve never seen Louboutins for only $150 so it makes me a little skeptical!

I have gotten quite a few emails about the Louboutin ads on my blog. Those ads actually come from Google. I do not control the ads that are served up by Google. That being said I do not have any affiliation with the LouboutinBox site and am not sure if those products are actually legit. My guess is they aren’t.

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  1. I emailed the website louboutin box asking about the authenticity and this is what they emailed back-

    Thank you for visiting our website,
    The quality of the product you will receive is guaranteed to be the best in its class, they are a part of factory outlet production and this is why they are sold for less. All shoes comes in original boxes like shown in pictures. All are Brand New dead stock condition. Our shoes look 93% excatly like real louboutin shoes but they are .7% different becuase of copy right issues.”
    So assuming that means they are fakes.

  2. I have also checked their return policy. Very fishy! They would only exchange defective or the wrong items sent as a result of their mistake. The decision to exchange is solely up to them. Now listen to this! They would NOT exchange the shoes if the size or color are wrong! So, if the shoe doesn’t fit you are stuck with it! Besides, their size chart is very weird and confusing. The European and US sizes are completely off the track. It totally looks like they are trying to fool you into the wrong size, which following their chart you are deemed to fall into this trap and then you are trapped with their shoes with no right to return,because this is their return policy. Completely stinks! So, if you see something that looks too good to be true, most probably it is.

  3. Thought it sounded to good to be true….your comments have saved me from buying from them…thanks a mill!

  4. Hi, I emailed the Louboutin customer service depatment to ask if this website is selling real CL shoes and they said….


    Thanks for your interest in Christian Louboutin’s shoes.
    About this website, it is sadly a counterfeit seller. Only a few website are authorized to sell our brand. They are usually related to an American Departement Store (like Neiman Marcus).
    You need to be careful because this kind of website is increasing those days.
    You can of course, ask us first so we can tell you if it is an authorized website.

    The Customer Service

  5. Thanks so much for the info in the comments ladies. I knew it had to be too good to be true. I just keep saving for the real deal!

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