Dear Fashion Kitty, Lace Dress

Recently I bought this black lace dress. Its a turtle neck and has no under-dress. I honestly have no idea how to wear it. When I try to wear it over my clothes I look like a vampire. When I wear it under it ends up looking strange, like I’m wearing too many layers, because I obviously have to hide some parts of me. Any advice?

The only advice that I can really offer you is to buy a little black slip dress to wear underneath. I say that because I recently ran into a similar issue when I bought a black crochet dress with no under-dress. At first I tried to wear it with a black tank, black booty shorts, and colorful tight underneath but it just didn’t work. Layering on top was a hopeless mess too. Just hunt around for something cheap to throw underneath it and that will save you a lot of headache.

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