Dear Fashion Kitty, Kristen Stewart Style

I’m particularly obsessed with Actress Kristen Stewart’s (Bella from Twilight) edgy-rocker grunge style. I’d love to incorporate that style into my everyday wardrobe. I’ve been headed in this style direction for about a year now, but I’m losing wardrobe inspiration. The only thing I’ve been able to put together that looks even remotely similar to her style is a white wife beater, dark skinny jeans, converse, or a pair of motorcycle boots, and a black leather jacket(which is scarcely worn considering I live in LA.)

I’m stuck in a rut. Please help me steal this style in a fashionable way. I attached a picture of the boots I already own, for visual reference. 🙂 And in case specs. are needed, I’m 18, 5’3, and weigh 105 Also, how should I go about wearing this style in the harsh heat of California summers. Shorts don’t seem to mesh well with this style, or am I completely off base here?

A leather jacket is pretty tough to sport here in CA — I wish it were easier because I love leather jackets. Lucky for you, you can get Kristen’s look without the leather (a Mike & Chris hoodie would work wonders in place of one.) You can also wear shorts with this look, just make sure they are longer and kind of beat up, which is totally in for summer.

I created a Get the Look: Kristen Stewart list to help you start building your edgy-rocker wardrobe, hope its helpful!

Get the Look: Kristen Stewart

Be sure to remember that this look is mostly in the attitude and how you “wear” your garments. I mean, the outfit above on someone carrying themselves in a different way would take on a totally different feel. Also be sure to pay attention to accessories (sunglasses, rings, bracelets), those little touches will work wonders.

Here is a little outfit (with shorts) that I put together for you too.

3 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Kristen Stewart Style”

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  2. I love this look! I have been looking for some more inspiration, and this has helped me soo much! Thank you

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