Dear Fashion Kitty, Help Me Look “Fresh”

So I have just recently started reading your website. I must say it is amazing and have quickly become addicted.

I am going to this party later in April and the theme is everything from bright tights, to fluorescent colored tops, flannel shirts, headbands, neon shoes etc. I need help putting together an outfit. I want to wear dark colored skinny jeans or black tights but am not sure about the top and shoes. I want to still look really nice and girly, but not too over the top. I am not sure how to do that. What do you suggest?

Neon is one hot trend right now! In fact, I just got a question similar to this one the other day. Your question is a bit different though, it sounds like you are looking for something a bit more casual. Let me see what I can do …

I would start with a black base — black opaque tights with a tight black mini tube dress. Then I would build from there. Go with a long plaid button down top, leave it open and belt it with a wide studded belt (you can do the belt over or under the top.) Accessorize with your neon accessories; bracelets and a clutch. To complete the look add fun booties and a hippie headband.

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