Dear Fashion Kitty, Fashionable Interview Attire

On April 25th I’m going to an Open House for the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I will also be presenting my portfolio, a letter of intent, and meeting with Admissions to apply for the MFA in Fashion Design program.

I’m very excited and nervous! I was wondering if you could help me pick out an outfit! I want to make an impression without looking like I’m trying too hard. I’m going to be in a bigger city than I’m used to being in, around a lot of people who are younger than me (I’m 28 and a mother of 2) and a lot of people who are a ton more experienced in fashion.

I am so excited for you!! Takes me back to my fashion design days. Ahh … Anyways, you are right dressing to impress for this interview is very important but it is also very tricky too. You see when you are getting dressed for this interview you are not only representing yourself, you are representing your designs. I find it helpful to really identify the market that you are designing for. For example, if you are designing for juniors or tweens you would want to add a youthful twist to your ensemble. If you are designing for something that could one day end up in Anthropologie, you might want to add something handmade and unique to your outfit. Get what I’m sayin?

Even though this is a creative field, it is also important to dress professional. You will have a one up since most of the “kids” that are coming through to interview probably have less experience dressing in a professional manner. So keep your outfit professional, sharp, and pretty basic (can’t go wrong with basics) and let the accessories do the talking. Another piece of advice … Wear KILLER shoes. All fashion people speak the same language of style when it comes to shoes. If you have some really nice designer shoes, wear those and build your outfit around it if possible. On the topic of accessories, wear a piece of jewelry that isn’t too flashy but is unique enough to spark a good conversation.

Here are a few outfits that I think would make any woman feel confident and looking great for her very important interview:

Killer Confidence: This outfit pretty basic but the red top and the cage booties make it very fashion-forward and edgy. The statement necklace adds a little something extra and lets people know that you are paying attention to the trends. If this look is a little too edgy, just swap out the red top for a softer color and change out the shoes with some sky high black pumps.

Sweet n Sassy: I really love this outfit too because it’s easy, fashionable, and pretty darn cute. I just took this great looking suit from Nanette Lepore and added some classic accessories. You pretty much can’t go wrong with this one.

Who Wears the Pants: Pants are also a fine option for an interview. I like a nice trouser cut and a sleeveless blouse (make sure its very stylish, a plain sleeveless blouse won’t cut it.) Make sure to carry along a blazer too!

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  1. Thank you so much for the amazing outfit ideas! I’m so glad you pointed me in the right direction, I was so lost! I’ll send you a pic of what I end up with and let you know how my interview goes!!! You are my hero!!!

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