Dear Fashion Kitty, Classic Black Shoes

I am looking for a pair of black heels and flats that will be very versatile. Something that will last me for several seasons and won’t go out of style quickly, but still stylish. The heels I will probably wear to church and work (I’m an interior designer) & flats will also be for work and play. I’m looking to spend no more than $150 on each and something that will be relatively easy to find online or at the mall.

Good for you, stocking up on classic shoes, very smart. Some of the best money that I ever spent was on a pair of Marc Jacobs ballet flats. I got them in 2005 and will continue to wear them until they completely die. I am still saving up for my classic black pumps, because I really want a pair of Louboutins (although I do have some Charles Davids to hold me over)… But I do understand that those aren’t in the $150 family.

So lets take care of your needs 🙂

Flats: You should go with a ballet flat; they are timeless, stylish, and comfortable. Here are some of my favorites.

Heels: Go for a pump for sure! I also recommend a pointed toe, they look great with pants and skirts/ dresses. Here are my recommendations for you …

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