Dear Fashion Kitty, Betsey Johnson Dress Matching

I have this Betsey Johnson dress and gold BCBG sandal heels and I was wondering what I should pair with them to finish off the look. It is for a party sort thing.

OMG! I almost bought that dress this weekend at the Betsey Johnson outlet. They didn’t have my size so I couldn’t get it 🙁

I actually thought about your question this weekend because while I was there this girl tried it on and couldn’t figure out what to wear with it. What I realized while looking at a person in the dress, is that you don’t need much. There is a lot going on with this dress, lots of color and accents.

I would just go with a cocktail ring, a fun necklace (once you put it on make sure its not competing with the neckline of the dress too much) and a clutch. Something like these …

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