Dear Fashion Kitty, Floral and Lace Tights

I’ve been experimenting a lot with tights lately (if you look at the urban outfitters website under the tights category, I basically own them all, haha.) I’m wondering what’s the best way to wear shirts and shoes with fun, floral, or fishnet tights. I’m pretty much open to any style, but my favorite is definitely a lot of black. I’m 5″6 and around 140 pounds if that helps:)

Tights are an awesome way to update basics, all black outfits, or just to add a bit of crazy to an already colorful outfit (if you are Blair Waldorf.)

The first look I put together is playing off of your love of all black. I took some lace tights and put them underneath a jumper. This doesn’t show all of the tights but you don’t always have to do that to get the impact you are looking for.

Outfit #2 experiments more with color. I took a pair of the floral tights and coupled it some really cool separates.

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