Closet Couture in Vogue

Remember back in January when I told you about my new web obsession, Closet Couture … The site where you make your closet virtual … like Cher on the movie Clueless? Well apparently I am not the only one obsessed, because Vogue (yes, that Vogue) wrote an article about the site in their May Issue.

Pretty exciting stuff! Not sure if many of you know this but fashion people know NOTHING about the web. Seriously, most designers never even pick up a laptop. So getting the most fashiony of fashion magazines to write about a website that I love is pretty sweet. Anyways, read more about the article here and check out the screen grabs below.

2 thoughts on “Closet Couture in Vogue”

  1. Thanks for posting about Vogue, Fashion Kitty. Closet Couture loves your outfits and playing around in your closet, pretending to be you!

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