I’ve just read a bit of your article/blog about the tattoo print tube dress that you have. You looked great in the pic! I’ve managed to get myself this print in the satin sheath style and I was wondering what suggestions you would have for shoes to go with it.

I’m only 5’1″, so I really need something with a heel, but the strappy high slides that I have just don’t seem to look right. The sz 4 dress fits me perfectly, the hemline sits just on my knees (covers most of the knee). Do you think I should think about taking it up a little bit too? I’m 36, so I don’t want it too short!

Yay! My Betsey Johnson tattoo dress partner in crime. Great choice of dress, really like it (of course, I have one just like it.) I definitely wouldn’t shorten it. I like the length, make it very retro and sexy but not too sexy.

As far as shoes go … Something with an ankle strap might be fun (like how Betsey wore it.) Usually I would advise against that since you are short BUT Betsey is pretty petite as well, so it can be done. I would also stay away from pointy toes. Look into something that is a little tougher, possibly with some hardware to compliment the toughness of the tattoo print.

I wore my Bondage Polly Pumps with the dress but here are some other shoe options that I think would look nice with that dress.

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