Dear Fashion Kitty, White Lace Dress Help

I just bought this lovely dress at I plan to style it with navy tights and a navy headband with a bow in the width of the headband, but other than that I have no idea what to do…

I hope you have some fantastic ideas to help me with. I wouldn’t say I have a certain style so I’m hoping you can come up with some fun variations 😀

The way your are styling it sounds adorable! That’s pretty much exactly what I would do it with, except I would go with black tights. Here are a few other options for. Oh and I hate how they put that necklace with it … I wouldn’t do that.

Idea #1- Black lace tights and round toe shoes

Idea #2- Bare legs with stylish flats

Idea #3- Add a pop of neon color with accessories

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