Dear Fashion Kitty, Style Questions

I just discovered your site tonight via Google, and I have to say its pretty damn fabulous actually. I just wondered if you could use your magic to help me with a couple of style conundrums of my own?

1.) Firstly, for MONTHS now I’ve been seeing loads of people wearing gorgeous gold wishbone pendant necklaces in editorials and so on, but it’s always listed as stylists own. Any ideas where I could get one, especially considering that I’m in the UK? Here’s a photo.

2.) I love the brightly colored tights worn by Jenny, Blair and the rest of the girls in Gossip Girl, but seeing as I live in a pretty small town where even a headband can get some weird looks, how to wear them without looking outlandish?

3.) And lastly… I’m not usually a fan of Brothers and Sisters, but my mum was watching it the other day and Calista Flockhart was wearing a beautiful dress and I HAVE to find out where it’s from.

Thank you! You know fabulous is one of my favorite words. Let me see if I can help you out …

1.) Wishbone necklaces are totally adorable aren’t they! The one in the photo you sent over is by Dogeared and is $100. Here are some others that I love at all price points.

2.) The best way to wear colored tights without being too out there is just go for a simple black dress. My go to colorful tights outfit is a black jersey mini dress, a studded belt, red rights, and platforms.

3.) Based on what I can see in that photo, it looks like the dress may have come from Prada’s Spring 08 ready to wear line. If I find more info, I will definitely post an update.

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