Dear Fashion Kitty, Saturday School Style

I go to a pretty boring English boarding school, and the uniform is a blue and white stripped skirt blue tights blue jumper and a blue skirt we’re not aloud to do anything with this uniform but on Saturdays we’re aloud to wear home clothes.

Do you have any idea on what I could do to still look cool on a Saturday but not to dressy. I’m kind of fat so not anything to clingy/ short. I really like the way Serena van der Woodsen dresses in Gossip Girl is this any help?

That’s nice that you get a day to express yourself one day week. Although if I were in the same situation I think my head would explode.

If you want to get Serena’s casual style, you should go with long cardigans, skinny jeans with boots, white v-necks and button down tops, large hobo bags, and minimal make-up. She also is a fan of the boho look, so flowing (non clingy) tops and dresses work best.

Here are a couple of looks I styled for you to base your new look on:

If you are up for showing a little leg, this jumper is awesome. I am not very confident about my legs so I find with jumpers (especially a belted one) it best to buy a size up to give you some extra leg room (the extra room makes your legs look smaller.)

If you want to wear jeans, try something like this …

And if you want something a tad dressier, try a look like this one …

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