Dear Fashion Kitty, Punk it Up!

I want to punk up my style, but still shop at the same places (Hollister for example). I love Jenny Humphrey’s style on Gossip Girl. How do I achieve this look without looking like a poser and having everyone at school laugh at me? I really want a scene hairstyle, but I still want to wear my preppy duds.

Don’t be afraid of people laughing at you. I used to wear whatever the hell I wanted in high school and I know I got laughed at a time or two. But you know what? Looks who’s laughing now. Muhahahhaa!!! Okay, let me stop the insane laughter but seriously, wear what you want. Go get the crazy hair cut and accessorize the hell out of those preppy clothes.

There are a few tools you will need that will automatically punk up any outfit. Check em out!

How to Punk it Up in a Fashion Forward Way

So with those accessories, the rockin’ hair and the confident attitude you will totally have it.

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  1. i hate the word poser, but really the old punk look has gone so mainstream that wearing anything punk, in my mind, looks fake. i even saw a google ad once for a store selling “trendy punk” clothes. isn’t that an oxymoron? really i think punk is more about speaking your mind, thinking for yourself, and being innovative. if you’re not doing those things with your look don’t even bother trying to not look like a “poser”

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