Dear Fashion Kitty, Post-Grad Style

So I’m stuck in a major rut… do you ever get that feeling that you want to throw out almost everything in your closet? (probably not. you must have a fabulous closet but I digress.)

I am 25 and graduating from medical school in a few months. I am usually a pretty sharp dresser and have the figure type to pull of most anything, but it’s becoming harder and harder for me these days to walk the line between dressing stylishly and being too trendy (a la most L.A. celebs in leggings and long cardigans) or cutesy (a la Blair Waldorf with headbands and such). So I end up wearing a lot of black, inexpensive tops with high-end jeans, and flats when I really love colors and patterns and not wearing the same thing every day.

I love most of the pieces I see on, but I can’t easily afford that stuff. I don’t even know where to look, as most of the style websites I come across (and [sheds tear] some of your more recent posts) are perfect for high schoolers and college students, or college grads who need work wardrobe help. Work is not a problem for me, this is for every day looking sharp but not aged.

Any suggestions where to go for outfit ideas, and where to go to shop for these pieces? I feel like I’ve exhausted Target/21/H&M/J Crew/etc., and am willing to take a step up on my price point too. Thanks!!

While I do have a fabulous closet, sometimes I feel like chucking it all to start over. I of course come to my senses and just add to the massive closet instead of getting rid of stuff. But seriously, I have been in this predicament and there is no easy answer. Your wardrobe is best when it’s a progression of style — A mixed up evolution of you.

I think you are at a point in your fashion life where you need to start buying some classic and investment pieces. These can be combined with the clothes in your closet that you do love and it will give you an authentic look.

I think the first thing you should do is to head to the book store and pick up The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own both by Nina Garcia. I own and have read both books, they are great. It will be money well spent … You can thank me later.

"style advice book" recommendations at ThisNext

Another piece of style advice I can give you is something that I did when I graduated college (besides go wild at Target) was vintage shopping. I collected some of my best pieces during that time. I could find totally unique pieces that fit into my style and usually at a great price.

Another shopping destination that got me through my post college days was Loehmann’s. I could buy all of the items I saw on without paying full price. Of course today the modern equivalent to Loehmann’s is all of the awesome 24 hour sale sites. Go to HauteLook, Gilt Group, Rue LaLa, Billion Dollar Babes, and ShopFlick to get fabulous fashions at HUGE discounts. I have done some spending on a few of those sites and am now addicted to checking them out every morning.

3 thoughts on “Dear Fashion Kitty, Post-Grad Style”

  1. is another great site for designer stuff super cheap! Membership is free and you don’t have to be invited by someone!

  2. Those two books are my bible of Style. I actually bought them as a recomendation of Fashion Kitty in This Next and they are absolutly amazing!!!!!
    Seriously they are well worth it and definetly help A LOT!

  3. Thanks FashionKitty! You’re like that superstylish great-advice-giving gf that every girl ought to have…

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