Dear Fashion Kitty, Neutral Rut

Lately, well scratch that, for about three years I’ve been stuck in the rut of only wearing neutrals (black, white, gray, brown, and beige.) Those colors are basically the only colors that make up my wardrobe. The occasional coral and teal are also bought, but other than that it’s neutrals all the way. I think the main reason I buy so many neutrals is because I think it’s easier to match things together when their all neutral.

How can I introduce color into my wardrobe and still make matching easy. Are their any color combos that are a no-no? Which colors combos are in this season?

A closet stuffed with neutrals, how sad 🙁 No, it’s really not that bad. Getting dressed is probably a snap and chances are you always look classic and fabulous. Adding color is actually a lot easier than you think. Go for colorful bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, bags … you get what I am saying. You can also use layering pieces to add color to your outfits; like cardigans and jackets.

Here are some hot colors for spring/summer 09 to keep in mind while you are out buying layering pieces and accessories (color story names learned at a seminar at MAGIC):

‘Pale Nouveau’ pale pinks, lilac, and blues all in “dusty” tones

‘Gelateria’ key lime, tangerine … citrus, fruity, sorbet colors

‘Birds of Paradise’ turquoises and other brights you would see on a tropical bird

– ‘Bazaar’ ethnic colors like blues and deep magenta

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